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Hi, as you guys have been noticing, this blog hasn’t been updated as much. I have to tell you, its a lame excuse to say, “I’ve been busy”. I have but, lately, I just haven’t felt it,¬† as if my heart isn’t in it anymore. This blog has been dear to me, and I’ve always … Continue reading

New guy, new reviews

I got lucky, very lucky. Anyone who’s been following, even just for a little, knows that I’ve wanted a new co-writer for several reasons. Well, I’ve found one. His name is Tim Pearsons*, he’s a beginning writer and a close friend of mine. Heard his name before? You might have read his review about A … Continue reading

Silence due changes

Hey everyone So lets start with the start: it’s been quiet in here, I’ve noticed it too. There are a few reasons for that, but the main reason is the fact that I lost my co-writers. You may have noticed, they’re gone now, it’s only been me, myself and I. I’ve wanted for this blog … Continue reading


Hey everyone, I just wanted to say that I’m leaving tomorrow morning to the South Of France on a holiday. So if you’re in desperate need of a new review, you’ll be getting one soon, but first I’ll get a suntan in Saint Tropez, and whatnot. Au Revoir!

Blowing Out Candles & New Authors

Oh my god. It’s probably the most used phrase in reality shows where they rebuild houses and lives. Actually, it’s probably the most used phrase in all shows. But I’m gonna go with the clich√© and say it again, this time out loud. Oh My GOD, it’s been a year already. That’s right, a year … Continue reading


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